Our nourishing 10 Day Immune Support program is for those wanting to make the switch to a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Consuming a nutrient-rich, wholefood based diet supports the optimal functioning of your immune system and will leave you feeling better than ever. The immune system is a complex, multifaceted system that requires many elements in place for it to function well. Simply taking a few vitamins each morning when you’re starting to feel ill can be ineffective. The number one strategy for a well-functioning immune system is following a healthy lifestyle, and proper nutrition plays a big role.

Starting from $698.00

Days 1-5 begin with our Cleanse + Elixir Health Shots

Days 6 – 10 takes you over to our Clean + Lean Program + Elixir Health Shots



To register your interest or place an order simply email info@eatfitfood.com.au or phone 1300 30 29 30