Bianca Chatfield
Australian Netball Player

What’s your favourite EFF meal? “My favourite was the salmon and salad, and I also loved the brown rice porridge.”

Caitlin Thwaites
Sydney Swifts Netballer

I've always been told 'you only get out what you put in'... this doesn't only apply to hard work it applies to your body as well! As an athlete, fuelling your body with healthy nutritious food is key for performance. Eat Fit Food made it so easy for me to put in the right foods in and get better performance out of it!”

Casey Burgess
Australian Singer/Songwriter

“I cannot explain how amazing this Eat Fit Food progam is.  

Fresh, healthy nutritious food ready to go which means no shopping or cooking, 

and more time for LIFE. It's also extremely tasty and cooked with so many 

amazing flavours, I really felt like I was eating in a restaurant most of the time.

Cheyenne Tozzi
Australian model + Singer

Eat Fit Food is clean, easy; restaurant quality food with lots of choices that make you feel energised and prevents cravings.

Claire Obeid
Mind-Body-Soul Coach + Yoga Teacher

"Eat Fit Food is a true gift. Not only do I get to maintain my preference of clean eating during busy times, but being out of the kitchen, cutting out time cleaning and prepping and even having to think about what to cook is such a HUGE relief and support. Not to mention that Eat Fit Food is the gift of precious time to spend with loved ones, chatting, reconnecting, laughing, or more me-time to meditate, read and journal. I am a HUGE fan of EFF".

Clint Bizzell
AFL PLayer + Places We Go travel series Host

"Healthy, delicious, and an inspiring for a busy lifestyle… it takes the hassle out of my day, knowing a healthy diet is taken care of. I feel fantastic!"

Clint Stanaway
Channel Nine Sport Presenter

"After a frantic day at work... arriving home to a fresh, nutritious and easy to prepare meal is unreal. I feel terrific, plus... I've learnt more about how to maintain a healthy diet. Thanks to the team at Eat Fit Food. I think I'm addicted."

Dan MacPherson
Australian Actor

“Eat Fit Food works perfectly for me. Whether I’m training hard or working hard-or both- I can’t beat knowing that I have nutritious, tasty food ready to go delivered to my doorstep. It‘s perfect for when I’m filming, It leaves me more time to focus on my work and training, without having to worry about shopping and preparation. Above all, the menu is amazing, and I feel great.” 
Delta Goodrem
Australian Singer + Actress + TV Celebrity

“The meals are awesome and so tasty! I loved Eat Fit Foods fresh juices and yummy food, it is so easy to follow and made me feel so great ahead of my tour.”

Dylan Shiel
GWS Giants AFL Player

"Perfect for my lifestyle, as a professional athlete I need to fuel my body at an elite level around my training schedule. I'm a guy who loves my food and EFF provides a great variety of meals that I enjoy.”
Erika Heynatz
Model + Actress + TV Personality

"Diet can be the one thing you don't need to worry about if you let Eat Fit Food do it all for you"

Felicity Harley
Editor of Women's Health Magazine

"I've always considered my self a relatively healthy person but Eat Fit Food (almost) debunked that idea. It not only tastes sensational, but it teaches you healthy & nutritious habits"

Hugh Jackman
Hollywood Actor

"After using Eat Fit Food... He's probably the fittest and healthiest he has ever been"  (Michael Ryan; Hugh Jackman's Personal Trainer)

Jacinta Stapleton
Australian Actress

"I used EFF to reboot my passion for being healthy. It is so easy to fall into bad 

habits and lose sight of how important food is to your overall being, however 

it is impossible to make the wrong choices when EFF are delivering tasty, perfectly 

portioned, healthy meals to your door.” 

Jennifer Adams
Places We Go Travel Series Host

"I honestly can't believe how much energy and vitality I have gained from Eat Fit Food. My partner and I lead such busy lives - It's like having our own personal chef at home! And we use it in the lead up to filming our travel show for that extra bit of sparkle!”

Jesinta Campbell
Australian Actress, Model + TV Host

“EFF is so good fro someone who leads a busy lifestyle. So healthy and easy to prepare I was surprised at how delicious every meals was. I didn’t have to worry about grocery shopping or even think about what I was going to cook for dinner or pack for lunch the next day, it gave me more time to relax at the end of the day! It is important for me to be healthy but often it is hard work, with EFF all the worry was taken out of it and I could just enjoy every meal knowing that they were nutritionally balanced and good for me.” 

Jodi and Braith Anasta
Australian Actress Model + Rugby Player

“We felt VERY spoilt! To have such fresh ingredients prepared into a variety of dishes was a great luxury. It made it easier for me being pregnant knowing I had healthy delicious food in the fridge that was so easy to prepare. Braith really loved how filling the meals were and also the variety of dishes to choose from, he never got bored.”

Kate Kendall
Co-founder of Flow Athletic

Eat Fit Food keeps me cool, calm and energised all week long. The quality and freshness of the food is outstanding and not having to prepare or organise meals means more time for me. Love it.

Kyly and Michael Clarke
Australian Model + International Cricket Player

Eat Fit Food has given us extra time to focus on our family, busy work schedule and the needs of our new baby girl. They have not only created wonderful, tasty recipes but have such great variety as well. Nutrient dense food is what we love in The Clarke household and that's exactly why we chose Eat Fit Food.

Lara Worthington
Australian Model + Media Personality

"I used it as a way of eating over a period of months to slim down, feel great, and look my best. I am feeling healthy & positive; not to mention my skin glows, my head's clearer, I have more energy, and I feel slimmer!"

Laura Csortan
Model + TV Presenter

"My eyes and skin are clearer and I am literally jumping out of my skin with a new found energy! I run my dog, work, do my chores and still have energy to burn in the evening"

Lauren Phillips
Channel Nine Host + Myer Ambassador

“It was so good – I loved it! Leading a really busy lifestyle, it can be tricky to eat healthy food on the go and find fresh options for every meal. Eat Fit Food gave me fresh and healthy food and seriously, I have never felt better!” 

Lawrence Mooney
Australian Comedian

"A month of Eat Fit Food helped create great eating habits whilst enjoying fresh, delicious food delivered daily.  Clean eating is a bit of a shock to the system at the start because I had to reduce my sugar and alcohol intake.  My body was screaming out for both but once you’re over that hump and you start shitting like a water buffalo, Eat Fit Food and a bit of self discipline are their own reward.  I lost weight, had much more energy, slept better and most of all I felt really optimistic.  It was a palpable change and it was a pretty good feeling."

Lindy Klim
Founder of Milk Skincare

"I have been travelling a lot for work and in Melbourne only for short periods of time. I find it really important for me to still eat healthy, good food and not fall into the trap of eating junk because it is fast and convenient. I have been having Eat Fit Food delivered to my hotel and it has been amazing. Not only can I prepare it quickly, it is always delicious and keeps me feeling full. Thanks Eat Fit Food for getting me through my hectic schedule"

Lisa Gormley
Australian Actress

"Such a wonderful range of fresh and tasty meals; very inspiring to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Great for a busy period in your life when you don't have time to look after yourself"

Lisa Messenger
Founder + Editor in Chief of The Collective

“Eat Fit Food have catered for a number of our Collective events and for my team and I personally. We have been consistently impressed by the quality of the food and the standard of the service.  Love these guys and all that they stand for.”

Lola Berry
Nutritionist + Cookbook Author

“I tell them, EFF is just clean balanced meals and you can trust the food because it's clean as! It takes the thinking out of preparing which makes things so easy if you're time poor. I loved using Eat Fit Food when I was moving house, it took the thinking out of being healthy! So easy! My favourite meal was the chicken salad! So pretty and so many colours, they say the more colours the more nutrient dense a meal is, so I knew it was just jam packed full of goodies!”

Luke Jacobz
Australian Actor + TV Presenter

What was your favourite EFF meal? “You can't make a man who loves food to choose- it's like asking who your favourite child is- they all are!!”

Megan Gale
Australian Model

“To be honest I was a bit dubious before trying Eat Fit Food as I couldn't quite believe that the pre-packaged meals could really be that fresh and taste that good, but I thought “I'll give it a try”. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that not only was I proved completely wrong in that regard but also the portion sizes were more than enough. Of course, the added benefit of not having to shop and prepare the meals from scratch yourself is a god-send on those days when you are simply too busy to manage it all so I can ensure that I am fuelling my body with nutritious and healthy food, something that is always a priority for me."

Michael Klim
Olympic Swimming Champion

"I have been doing the Eat Fit Food program in the lead up though the races and after a long day it was great to be able to come home to something that was quick and easy and I knew was good for me. I also felt that whilst on the X - Celerator program I had the energy to get up and fit a quick gym session in beforehand. A true sign of it's effectiveness plus it tastes great!"

Rachael Finch
Miss Universe Aust 2009

"We find keeping fit and following healthy eating habits as a couple keeps us motivated and interested. Thank you Eat Fit Food for a wonderful experience"

Ronan Keating
Artist and Musician

“With my lifestyle it’s hard to eat well & balanced quality meals, but EFF makes it so

easy. I couldn’t believe how delicious EFF really is – it’s like having a personal chef 

at home & you feel good because you know it’s all quality & healthy. Amazed. 

Thank you. EFF is definitely the way to go.”

Ruby Rose
TV and Radio Presenter, DJ, Fashion Designer

"Eat fit food is for anyone who cares about their health and what they put into their body but just doesn't have to Hours a day to prep food! So basically it's for everybody! When I did 10 days on the detox my skin got glowy, I slept better and felt amazing. It's a lot more food than I would eat usually yet I lost weight!? Crazy!"

Shane Watson and Lee Furlong
Cricketer + TV Personality

"We absolutely loved our first experience with Eat Fit Food. Bring on the next Detox!!!!"

Shelley Barrett
CEO + Founder of Model Co.

"...with Eat Fit Food I don't have to think about a thing. The meals are delivered to your door & they are of the freshest quality with a wide selection of lean meats and seafood so you never feel hungry"

Shelly Horton
TV Presenter + Journalist

“My fiance, Darren Robinson, and I did Eat Fit Food for the three weeks leading up to our wedding.  From Day One we loved the food.  Darren even commented: "This food is so good if I was served it in a cafe I'd leave a hefty tip." Nothing beats the convenience of the food being delivered to you and the variety was remarkable.  There wasn't a single meal in three weeks that we didn't enjoy.  With organising a wedding I would recommend any bride order Eat Fit Food - it takes away the stress of having to shop and cook when you have a million other things to do.  Plus I had the added bonus of losing three kilos.  I wish I could do Eat Fit Food full time!”

Sophie Falkiner
Australian TV Presenter + Spokesmodel

"I have been a big fan of Eat Fit Food on and off for years now. Whenever I need to kick start healthy eating patterns again, and to feel like I have optimum health, it’s my first port of call. Thank you Eat Fit Food for making healthy, so easy!"

Steph Adams
Art Director + Digital Influencer

"I found the whole concept amazing and all the meals to be so nutritious and tasty. Not having to go to the super-market or think about the nights dinner is an absolute treat. Thank you so much Eat Fit Food"

Tom Harley
AFL Legend

"The food is uber healthy & delicious & the option of larger serving sizes have been ideal. It's great to know you're going to eat like a rock star - albeit a healthy one"

Travis Burns
Australian Actor

"I'm hooked! Thanks to Eat Fit Food, now I don't have to worry about cooking or grocery shopping ever again. They provide quick, healthy gourmet meals which are perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle."
Turia Pitt
Motivational Speaker + Author

"Having Eat Fit Food delivered straight to my door is such a lovely treat when I'm busy travelling, one less thing to have to organise and the food is so yummy!"
Zoe Badwi
Australian Singer, Model + Actress

I love the veggie sticks with dip YUMMM and cleansing bars from the Eat Fit Food range.

Zoe Foster Blake
Author + Founder of Go-To-Skin Care

"When you have a young baby, and aren’t sleeping much, and you’re working a lot, and breastfeeding constantly, you kind of forget how to eat like a normal human being and also how to cook, and since you are RAVENOUS, you will eat anything. Eat Fit Food swooped in at just the right time and within a week I was feeling much healthier and so happy with how I was nourishing my body. Plus, you just go to the fridge and the food is there. It’s sorcery! Wonderful, nutritious, convenient sorcery. And I bloody love it."

Zoe Marshall
Radio Host and TV Personality

"Eat Fit Food is made with healthy local Australian ingredients daily and delivered fresh not frozen to your door before you wake up. The reason it's the most successful in its field is that it tastes sensational. I genuinely look forward to my morning deliveries, it's like a mini Christmas.. It's made for those that are health conscious or wanting to be #cleanandlean. Rice is substituted by cauliflower rice and cream cheese substituted with cashew cream! It inspires me to be more creative in the kitchen (when I have the time) and for those times that I'm flat out it keeps my health and figure on track."