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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

You’ve read my thoughts and experience on the Clean & Lean programme from Eat Fit Food  whom I’m now a proud ambassador for, however wouldn’t it be interesting to hear from other people (of all kinds) how Eat Fit Food works for them?

I asked Matt Suleau to try out Eat Fit Food’s Clean & Lean 5-day programme and put it to its test.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a Presenter at Fox Sports Australia – my work entails starting at 5am and finishing at midday. I exercise everyday – mainly only weights with little to no cardio. I’m very mindful of my nutrition – eating healthy 90% of the time – while allowing myself to enjoy nights out at restaurants or having some wine during the week.

2. What are your goals for your health and body?
Body wise my goals are to maintain my current form or continue to build lean muscle, whilst in terms of health, I want to eat to make sure I always have good energy levels. Given my work hours and the fact I don’t drink coffee – eating the right things at the right time has always given me plenty of energy and that’s something I want to continue.

3. Did you have a pre-conceived conception of Eat Fit Food and fresh meal-delivery businesses prior to commencing the programme?
No, I came into this with an open mind and didn’t have pre-conceived conception of what Eat Fit Food would be like to trial.

4. What did you get to eat throughout the Clean & Lean programme and what was your favourite?
I had lasagna, white fish, tuna and chicken as well as bircher and yoghurt meals, mainly. The fish dishes were certainly my favourite. I think the variety in the main meals were good – no 2 days were the same in terms of the primary proteinI received and nutritional levels of the food felt good.

5. Did you like the convenience of the delivery to your doorstep before getting up in the morning?
The convenience of having it delivered to work was really good – there were no problems and I had it every morning when it was scheduled to arrive at my doorstep.

6. Did you ever feel hungry or were the meals large enough to keep you full and satisfied?
For a male who trains every day – I feel like some of the meals could have been larger. Whilst the protein dishes were tasty – I was still feeling hungry after eating a few of them, especially when I was having that meal post training session.

7. How did you feel after the programme ended?
I felt a little more relaxed after it had finished – just given I didn’t have to do as much meal prep as I normally would for a week. Especially given my work hours – it was nice to come home and always know there was a meal of some type in the fridge ready to go if I was hungry.

8. Would you recommend the programme to your friends and family? And would you try it out again?
Based on the taste and convenience of most dishes I would recommend it to family as I thought that was really good. For time poor individuals I understand how good this service can be.
Overall, it was a great service and aside from a couple of areas like portion size, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of food that was delivered.

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