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Amara's story: glimmer of hope

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pink Hope’s Glimmer of Hope program aims to support the women and families within our at-risk community at a time when they are going through surgery, treatment or caring for a family member.

Amara’s Story
Amara has a significant family history of breast and ovarian cancer on her father’s side, losing her Nan, two Aunts and a cousin (aged 35). The disease has also impacted a further two Aunts and a cousin (aged 32) who have won the battle against breast and/or ovarian cancer. In 2016 Amara tested positive to carrying the BRCA1 genetic mutation and undertook initial scans and testing for breast cancer. Armed with the statistics and the knowledge on how the BRCA1 genetic mutation could impact her life, Amara chose to act immediately and made the decision to undergo a risk reducing bilateral mastectomy with a direct to implant reconstruction in early 2017.

Amara’s Glimmer of Hope
With the support of Eat Fit Food Pink Hope is able to provide Amara with a Glimmer of Hope consisting of Eat Fit Food fresh healthy meals to help her as she recovers from her risk reducing double mastectomy.

A Message from Amara
“I am truly moved by the generosity of Eat Fit Food and Pink Hope, offering a ‘Glimmer of Hope’ in what was otherwise a very difficult time both physically and emotionally. I am extremely lucky to have had great support from family members who cared for me post surgery. Returning home alone however, and facing the thought of resuming normal life and work was a very daunting prospect. The healthy meals provided by Eat Fit Food ensure that I can continue along the path to a full recovery, without any additional stress. It is very touching to know that through the Pink Hope community my decision is backed and supported 100%. What could have seemed an insurmountable task, was made completely possible with each story and piece of advice shared through the Pink Hope community. I will be forever grateful.”

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