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5 Body Positive Women Inspiring Us Now

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When you’re following a healthy meal plan your insta feed probably resembles a collage of delicious meal ideas and girls rockin’ abs. It’s time to give your feed an upgrade for the same old motivational pics. Introducing 5 body positive women who inspire us to love ourselves every single day.


1. @musingsofacurvylady 

She’s the lady behind the wonderful online blog ‘Musings of a Curvy Lady’ and fabulous instagram page that brings fashion to life. Rocking a feminine vibe, we’re sure that you will get a case of wardrobe envy whilst scrolling through her pics. No matter your size, @musingsofacurvylady teaches us that fashion and style comes in all shapes and sizes. Follow this babe at


2. @fullerfigurefullerbust

Georgina Home shows us that you can be fit and healthy at any size. If you’re currently lacking in the motivation department, a quick scroll through @fullerfigurefullerbust’s feed will have get you off the couch and into the gym. We’re also a fan of the quirky fashion featured in her feed, so make sure you check it all out here


3. @nolatrees

Dana Falsetti showcases the beauty of the female body in all of her pics. After a quick scroll, you will realise that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it. As flexible as the average person wishes to be, Dana will have you scrolling for days. Check out the magic here


4. @winnieharlow

Born with a skin condition, Winnie Harlow’s blog is like no other. Beauty is limitless and can not be defined in a single sentence. Winnie’s feed highlights that our individual differences are what makes us shine and that we should embrace every part of ourselves. Click here to be inspired


5. @bodyposipanda

Megan, the awesome gal running @bodyposipanda, will have you loving yourself like never before. Every post is uplifting and we’re sure that you will be guilty of insta-stalking… it’s ok, we’ve all done it. Wondering what the best part of Megan’s feed is? Hand’s down, the #donthatetheshake posts. Confidently dancing away to music, Megan’s happiness shines bright and is so contagious you’ll find yourself groovin’ away in your chair. To catch the happy, self-love bug visit


Loving yourself is so important and making sure that you’re eating a nutritionally balanced diet will give you beautiful insides. Make sure that you order this weeks meals at

By Madeleine Necco
Eat Fit Food's Superstar Intern!